Hypnosis at Home

  •  Have you been wanting to try hypnosis but find reasons to delay?
  •  Do you want to lose a few pounds and worry that you don’t have time to get started?
  •  Is your work stressful and even more so with commuting and dealing with family issues?

Now you can receive complete sessions right from your own home. To bring hypnosis right to where you can relax will make the difference in time, comfort, and ease.

How will it work? In 3 easy steps you can be experiencing a relaxing session that will begin a transformative experience. Transformation means change and change requires action. So to get started in a new direction for any issue you are confronting, you must take action.

If you want to try hypnosis here is how to schedule a session.

1. Go to the Contact page and enter your information. Please explain in at least 3 sentences what issue you are dealing with and what you hope to accomplish with hypnosis. Then send the information.

2. Then you will be sent a calendar to choose the time that may be available. Select one of the times listed. Be sure to send that back with your phone number too.

3. Now you are ready to select the right program for you. Go to Fees page. If you just want one session for any issue go ahead and select that. If you want a reduced rate for 3 sessions that is offered as well. (Best option). For problems that may take time and require longer term solutions, the best program is my coaching services with hypnosis. There are many offerings so be sure to read about the one that is appropriate.

Now you are enrolled and ready for your session in the comfort of your own home. Skype is easy to use on your computer or smart phone or tablet. If you are unsure or unable to use Skype over the computer or device, a headphone connected to your phone will enable you to hear the messages while relaxing in your comfortable chair or bed.

The actual hypnosis as a recording will be sent to you as an MP3 for future listening. Listening daily will bring great benefits.

Hypnosis sessions at home are a comfortable way to get started on the change you need.

Whether it’s weight loss, stress reduction, sport performance, self-confidence, enjoying life more or any problem you have been wrestling with, hypnosis can provide the needed motivation and change in how you act and feel.

Hypnosis at Home is a great resource for you. Find out what you have been missing. The missing piece is your key to a happier more fulfilled life. Millions have used hypnosis successfully. Will you be next?


Your MP3 individualized Recording

For a less expensive option you can receive your own personalized audio by completing an intake questionnaire. From your answers a hypnosis recording will be created that will provide you the appropriate recording to address your issue. The recording will be sent via email as an MP3 file. This does not include a live session. The cost is $120.

If you would like this option, just fill out the Contact Form and request the MP3 Recording and make your payment. You will be sent the questionnaire to fill out with information required to complete your recording. Your recording will be ready to send within the week.

This is a great option to receive a very unique hypnotherapeutic recording geared to your own issues. Listening to it daily with  instructions will help you take steps in a more positive direction for change. Remember that change means action and you must take action for change!

For all questions about hypnosis with Hypnosis at Home or your own MP3 Recording you can contact me through this website.

Visit my Facebook page Christine Green CHt Hypnotherapy and ask for information or join in for any postings.

Everyone who has experienced hypnosis has said how natural it feels. Surprise, surprise! It ‘is’ a natural experience because it is coming from within yourself. It’s your own understanding of how to take charge of your own energy for future results. We have so much potential and room to grow if we just allow ourselves the freedom to do so.