We’re all getting older. It’s inevitable and as sure as the morning sun. As you grow older how are you feeling? I know I have a few more aches than I did ten years ago. And at my age, (non-disclosure my right!) many of us have varying degrees of deterioration. Yet some of us are holding up with vitality and spirit.

My chiropractor acknowledges we do the best we can do and compensate in many ways. Yet there is one factor that can lessen the burden on our body. You see as our body gets worn out through repetitive use, where knees and hips often need replacing, another cause hindering us from living a joyful life is weight gain.

Sure smoking is a scourge that floods the body with hundreds of carcinogens over the lifetime of smoking. It contributes to days and months and years of a limited life due to the effects on our lungs, the destruction of lung tissue, labored breathing and the spread of cancer to other body parts.

So if you are a smoker and want to age gracefully, smoking is definitely on your don’t do list.

Weight gain is more subtle in terms of damaging your health. Somehow we get comfortable with ourselves and our added pounds. We adapt slowly to the poundage even as our clothes size increases, it gets harder to climb the stairs, and difficult to pick up our grandchildren or play with them for any length of time.

We also tend to see ourselves as we remember being slimmer, perhaps with a confidence and assurity in our younger days that never left us. So to acknowledge this, oops, I think I have a weight problem, is often the last thing on our mind.

Or you could be very aware of your weight gain and just don’t like how you look. So for cosmetic reasons you begin a cascade of dieting, trying every new trend, including herbs to reduce sugar intake, vitamins to metabolize carbs, or Paleo as an example.

Whether you are obsessed with your weight gain or have neglected yourself and your weight gain, it is crucial you understand the impact weight gain has on your life.

From the stress on your internal organs to not being able to be as active as you want, getting your weight reduced is a crucial step to take before it gets harder and harder to take action.

Here is a brief summary of the reasons why it is so crucial for you to lose weight.

Understanding that desire to lose weight and the motivation to accomplish it go hand in hand is key. Utilizing the best information science provides, we know now through brain scans that using hypnosis can work miracles.

Relaxing your mind into deeper states of brain wave activity can suggestively turn induction into a powerful energy of desire naturally and effectively.

With our programs we accept 1-4 pounds weekly as a safe natural weight loss goal. As you continue with hypnosis and altering your eating habits, a shift in your behaviors becomes evident. Before you know it your pants are getting loose. Before you realize it, you are rejecting doughnuts and fries withiut even thinking about it. And before you know it you are feeling lighter, less burdened, regaining vital energy you left behind many years ago.

The clock is ticking and in this 3-D world it’s the one thing we haven’t managed to stop or slow down. We have the choice to live beautiful healthy lives, for ourselves and to enjoy our loved ones. If we wait too long to deal with our health, we risk a depressing mental outlook plagued with numerous health issues and ailments.

Taking this one step and focusing on this one goal can change your life. It can turn around a distressed body and outlook into a vibrant positive existence. Aging gracefully is a gift that is presented to you to accept. Will you accept this gift and take action?