Sometimes you may find yourself in need of assistance in which hypnosis is an option to help. You may be feeling pains from a migraine brought upon from a stressful situation. Or an emotional event may be upsetting you.  You might find yourself unable to return to a calm state of mind. Perhaps you are feeling ill as well and could welcome a few soothing words.  These are designed to direct your intelligent mind towards helping your body feel better. (Of course not to be used in place of medical attention if warranted)

If you cannot find a hypnotherapist nearby, a phone call with one can be very effective. The soothing tones and language used by a trained hypnotherapist along with the willingness of the caller to listen to the therapist can produce a credible result.

The therapist may use suggestion and visualization or guided fantasy techniques through hypnotic inductions.   Then you will be brought back to an alert state and experience normal consciousness.  Safely and carefully a professional can help you feel better soon!

For more information about experiencing hypnosis in your own home, please visit my page about the Comfort Call and how it can help you make changes.