IMG_1625We’ve all heard the expression what you don’t know can kill you. Or if I told you I’d have to kill you. We jokingly talk about the knowledge we hold in our heads as being dangerous, threatening or compromising, if we let it out.

I am sure we have all experienced beliefs disturbing our peace this election season. One set of beliefs quickly spins to another and before you know it, a whole lot of disruption is taking place. Folks hurling thoughts and beliefs right and left to each other, without restraint.

Have you ever stopped to consider what beliefs, thoughts and emotions do to your own self? I am certainly not advocating for dampening down self-expression. What I am referring to is believing things about yourself that are hurtful, damaging and ultimately destructive to your life.

The kind of beliefs that hurt, limit and cause emotional distress are often fed into us from others at a very early age. You might be called stupid, ugly, fat, lazy, clumsy, fussy, peanut brain, and on and on. When you hear these taunts long enough, your mind interprets these characterizations as real. Then the beliefs dig in and you become what others have said. You now believe the narrative.

Some people succeed in spite of the name calling and they get over it. However if you come from a family where emotional abuse or physical abuse is routinely slung at you along with the words, this is a powerful action on your psyche. No matter how hard you try to get past the feelings from your experiences, feelings of disempowerment, anger, resentment, fear, sadness, unhappiness, anxiety, stress and so many other manifestations will lurk in the background of your life.

You might as well have a sign on your back saying spoiler alert, I’m messed up, keep away.

Because until you deal with the pain it will deal you. No matter how hard you try to control yourself, you will find yourself spinning out of control. The hurt dealt to you will try to get out but often directed outward not released in a positive fashion.

So enter hypnosis. Gently guiding you to a safe comfortable space. A place both familiar to you and totally relaxing. Where you can experience a narrative more true about you. Where lies can be reframed and transformed into life enhancing statements that give hope, confirmation and vitality of another possibility. Where what’s possible can be made true through your own mental powers and awareness.


IMG_2099Reframing, reworking your mental state, requires time and space. If you need help in this way, this “self-help” work is the most important work you can do. Over time you will be able to look back on your life and feel proud and happy you gave yourself a chance to consider other possibilities for yourself.

Understanding that given the proper nourishment and attention all sprouts grow beautifully into themselves. It doesn’t really matter if you “sprout” early or late in your life. Because whenever you do, it’s as if you always were this way. The unfamiliar grows familiar. You meet your self as you really are.

And that is such a good thing. Yes it is!