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To the professional hypnosis services of Christine Green, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. My private practice serves clients nationwide and throughout the world.

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Grief & Loss

Overwhelming sadness and grief is a natural emotion when tragedy or the loss of a loved one happens to you.
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Weight Loss

It is definitely possible to lose weight permanently with hypnosis.  You can lose the weight and keep it off.


The history of using hypnosis in sports more recently began in Melbourne at the 1956 Olympics.


Many of our stresses are natural everyday responses to situations where are bodies react in a somewhat stimulated way.

About Hypnotherapy

Problems That Can Be Helped

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When most people think about Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy, or when it is reported in the press they are almost always referring to “clinical Hypnosis”.

With Clinical Hypnosis clients are relaxed into a light to medium state of Hypnosis by the Hypnotherapist and whilst in this highly suggestible state are given a number of carefully worded suggestions designed to have an impact upon the symptoms that they have consulted for.

I can help with a wide range of problems and concerns including:
● Academic Achievement
● Grief & Loss
● Self-esteem
● Prosperity Consciousness
● Career Paths
● Spiritual Growth
● Pain Management
● Sexual Enhancement
● Regression with Hypnosis
● Sleep
● Obsessions
● Anxiety & Anxious Feelings

Within the state of Florida I am able to accept clients with health or medical issues who have been referred to me by their physician.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy have been shown to be incredibly effective for a large number of issues.

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