Have you ever tried to learn something new? Maybe it was a new recipe? Or a computer program for your job?

Most of us will say, at first my pie turned out good, but now after I have been making it for awhile, it’s really great! I have mastered the recipe. I am glad I tried this new recipe from the book by ____. I highly recommend it!

Or this program has some steps it took me awhile to figure out; now that I worked out the bugs, it’s running smoothly. I stuck with it and am glad I did. It’s a super program and makes my work easier.

With larger more personal goals toward self-improvement, gaining greater self-confidence, overcoming shyness with public speaking, or increasing motivation for any goal, hypnosis works better with each session.

In the first session you undertake using hypnosis in a therapeutic setting, you will be taught how hypnosis works. The hypnotherapist will gather information about your concern and develop an approach to use with hypnosis. In most cases you will have your first hypnosis experience in session one.

A lot of clients wonder how they did after the session. Hypnosis is a place of deep relaxation where your inner mind opens up or becomes accessible beyond your conscious normal state of mind. If you feel more rested, quieted and centered, the recipe worked well!

Each time you go into hypnosis you learn to go deeper. So for session two you will use the same ‘recipe’ but it will go easier and there may be some new ingredients added that make this session even better for you.

When you are learning how to dissolve old ways of thinking about yourself , you must clear these out before you can learn new understandings.

I’m just not worth it, I always screw up, I can’t do it, I’m too scared, whatever negative self-talk keeps you in your own prison of thinking, session two works on adjusting these misconceptions and faulty ways of thinking. Whatever you currently think about yourself is stopping you from your goals. So you must change from the inside to move forward.

If your recipe was too sweet, or cooked too long, or just didn’t come out right, you have to adjust it to make it better. You have so much potential for changing yourself, modifying how you think, creating new directions for your life.

By session three, you are going into hypnosis easily, the recipe is getting to be familiar, it is becoming an automatic process.

You are seeing shifts in how you view yourself. You are becoming more self-aware. For the first time you notice how you sabotage yourself  through your thoughts or actions. That makes you stop and notice and correct your thought, perhaps laughing at how you used to think about yourself. Now you know it is a falsehood. It was a thought programmed into your mind by someone else and you heard it so many times, you believed it.

No matter how many times you use a bad recipe thinking it will come out good, it just won’t. It needs to be changed.

Three sessions move you into a whole new space in time. A whole new approach to living your life. A bright new light shining on how things can be different and the path to that difference. You gain new realizations from shedding the old worn out ideas and concepts. Like a newborn, you begin taking steps to go after what you want.

Taking these three steps may be the most profound journey you will make. Are you ready to begin the journey? A new you is waiting just down the path. Discover the real you, uncover what’s been buried for too long, let the real you surface into the light of day and continue the adventure of your life here and now!