Akashic Record Readings are energy based modalities with intuitive healing processes. For the spiritually conscious individual a reading can clarify, confirm, clear and reveal the Soul Purpose. For a more fulfilling life a reading can lead you free from fear, distress, old contracts, blocks and restrictions and other hooks accumulated over time. This layering of past experiences most often prevents one from realizing their gifts and talents and makes it harder to express themselves.

With an Akashic Life Situation Reading you are better prepared for a specific look at different issues in your current life after your Soul Profile and Realign take place. At this time you can then explore the new situations presenting themselves.

After you present a detailed account of your situation, how you now view your issues is discussed. A reading will help you clarify your intentions for resolving the difficulty whether its one, two, or three issues. Writing your intention down and how you want to create a better outcome is important and necessary.

An Akashic Life Situation reading will look at your information for the energetic root cause forming a thread through the experiences. Also blocks and restrictions impeding your navigation through your experience are dealt with through clearing work.

Whether your energy block is from a chakra imbalance, imprint, belief, illusion or other causes will be determined. How you chose to create this energy emotionally is explored to help you transmute to a higher functioning state. Your situation may involve as examples, anger, fatigue, judgement, shame, insignificance, broken defensive, foolish, erratic and so many more.

The goal of the reading is to remove and transmute false beliefs, imprints, illusions, hooks and cords. Where these are located in the energetic body and channelled through the chakras is determined for the clearing process. Then higher level energies of Divine Love, Light and Truth can work for you now to better guide your Divine Purpose and expression of Truth.

A complete Chakra Analysis, Life Lessons session and Spirit Guide Discovery session are also available upon request.