If you would like a consultation by phone to discuss what hypnosis or any of my services offer just fill out the contact page. I will get back to you ASAP. My calendar to book appointments is not available at this time. Most of my free times are around 9AM or 5PM. if you need another time, let me know. I usually don’t respond to requests on the weekend.

You will receive a more insightful consultation if you do the following:

  • State your name and age
  • Under a doctor’s care for medical conditions and medications
  • What issue is most concerning to you
  • Questions about my services
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If you have never experienced hypnosis before you will find it very pleasant with a calming effect. When the levels of stress decrease the mind gets to offer you the perfect solutions to your problems. If you have already experienced hypnosis every hypnotist is different. My style is caring and intelligent, working with you to understand your issue or desire for information. You can decide whether Gainesville Hypnotherapy is right for you with my free consultation.

Be sure to use the Contact Page now to get the best results. Taking one step can bring big benefits but you have to take action. Hypnosis works and it is a tool for a lifetime!