Grief and Loss

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one or had a tragedy in your family?

Elderly lady grieving


Overwhelming sadness and grief is a natural emotion when tragedy or the loss of a loved one happens to you.  Most of us can relate to a friend losing a sibling, spouse, or parent.  When it happens to us personally, it takes on a different dimension.

Dealing with our feelings and those close to us can be very difficult.  The grieving process has to take its course but if those feelings continue to affect our ability to function some help may be needed.

When should you seek help?

If you are having a hard time accepting the loss of a loved one, hypnosis can reframe your relationship.  You can remember the loved one but begin accepting the loss as a normal part of life. Accepting the loss and coming to peace with your feelings is all part of the process that hypnosis can facilitate for your peace of mind.

Will hypnosis help me with memories of a great tragedy?

Your hypnotherapy session will lessen the fears, anxious feelings, pain and sadness from a tragedy you may have endured.  Your memory will become faint like a fading scene where you know it is there but it no longer  upsets you.

For more information about how hypnotherapy can help you cope with grief and loss please call for your free consultation at:  352-339-6078.  When you start feeling the sadness and grief lift and a peaceful calm take its place you will be glad you did!

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