When you know something has to change in your life, what do you do? Some people might think about modifying their diet, getting away from it all on a trip, binge watching Neflix (very popular!), talking to a friend, counselor or priest, or thinking a lot about it. There are so many ways to express change-some positive, some unproductive, some just plain escapism. It seems like everyone wants change at some stage of their life for many different reasons.

We change the color of our walls when we get tired of the last color we painted 6 years ago because we want to enjoy the latest color trends.

We start a new fitness regime because we want our bodies to feel better and be healthier so we join a gym or engage in outdoor activities we love like bike riding.

Sometimes we take a new job because it gives us a new opportunity and we want to move on from our last, explore new interests.

These examples illustrate how ready we are to do something different when we reach the point of “I’m ready to do this now.” Often we need no urging, no pushing. We are ready and we just do it!

Other areas of our life where we would want change don’t seem to come as easy. Frequently we want the other person to change for us, for our situation to automatically be different, to just wave a magic wand and make all our discomfort disappear.

If you are dealing with illness or injury it is often a long road to healing with days of gain before you see pain.

If your relationship is going sour, how do you untangle all the intense emotions and thoughts you have toward your mate to be resolution. What do you do when you feel loyal but also in pain?

Perhaps you have a lot of self hate about your self that is generated from low self esteem. This  negativity you embody spills over into your daily life leading to depression and feelings of helplessness. It’s hard to be you and live a happy life.

                                       The Value Of Realizing Your Potential

So what triggers true change? Change that can make an authentic difference in areas of your life where you need help. You might get to the bottom and feel there is no lower you can go. You may feel exhausted from doing everything you thought would help and still not gotten anywhere. Your desperation may have pushed you to solutions you think will provide the answers.

And enter Hypnosis! Hypnosis has been used since humans discovered that their awake state resembles their sleep state sometimes. And that in their awake ‘sleep’ state they view their reality different. They feel unencombered by static states of mind, unable to affect change.

For hundreds of years this ‘sleep’ state has been accessed by millions of seekers reaching in to an intangible but very real place. Here resides comfort, peace, even joy and happiness. Many prophets and guides have directed our attention inward. Especially noted is Jesus the Christ who memorably stated: ” The kingdom of heaven is within.”

Science now devotes big bucks to the study of the brain, cognition, and it’s new buzzword ‘Mindfulness.’ Brain waves ‘turn on’ at various depths of focus, relaxation or letting go. These states are accessed during the hypnotic trance. Where the chatting ‘monkey’ mind stops, reflection and inner awareness and inner access turns on so naturally and easily. The hypnotic state is commonly accessed by virtually everyone even through day to day activities. When you begin experiencing hypnosis regularly, you begin to see your other states of mind that resemble the same as hypnosis.

Back to discussing how to change when it’s hard to change, hypnosis provides a valuable experience unlike any other form of ‘therapy.’ Guided by a trained hypnotherapist, you can make rapid progress on reaching your goals, gather insights heretofore unavailable to you, and naturally take the steps to get to where you need to go.

                             Hypnosis is specialized attention for deep inner work

If you are stuck, need a different approach and are willing to explore your own inner life, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are a path for your journey. Once you experience the process of going inside it is so easy to self hypnotize yourself for any issue you have. Or book a session, purchase a download and try it. You have everything to gain, especially freeing yourself from broken record syndrome!