imageIn the November issue of the ACHE newsletter my article on The Special Needs Client was published.

The ACHE, acronym for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, has set the standards for hypnotist certification since 1980.

I am especially pleased to have this particular report chosen because it deals with an often neglected segment of our population: the special needs client.

The special needs client has recently been featured through sports competitions and other activities they participate in. They also get much care and support through their group or individual housing services and other social services. Many maintain a work activity best suited to their individual characteristics.

There are many needs that remain unfulfilled just like any other segment of our society. In that regard, having their emotional needs and behavioral concerns met through a modality such as hypnosis is very beneficial.

My article shares the benefits and outcomes of working with the special needs individual.  A copy of my article is available upon request.