Deciding to have a Consultation makes sense. You get to preview and chat with me before you sign on. It gives me a chance to get to know your concerns and if the services I offer are the best path for you to begin.

Having a 20-30 minute chat gives you an opportunity to learn what I offer and how my services can help. It’s informal, friendly and open.

When you choose to receive a free consultation, there is no obligation. You’ll find more information about what you may need to assist you with your issue and that’s a good thing!

To schedule your free consultation and begin the chat, just click on the link for the Consultation. You will find that link on the Contact Form. That will take you to the Schedule Page where you can choose a time.

You will then receive a confirmation for that day and time. My chat times are very regular unless an unforeseen event happens. In that case we reschedule and you will receive a notice via email.

Choosing to receive assistance for your issue is a personal decision and I want you to feel comfortable with the way to move forward. When we chat by phone that gives you a relaxed way to get to know more about what’s offered and how it can help.

I look forward to your Consultation and the chat by Phone. You are one step closer to more clarity and freedom.