I believe that Christine was finally my answer to weight loss. I had the Hypnoband sessions with her last August and have lost 20 pounds to date.

I continue to eat small portions and my eating habits have definitely changed.

I recommend whole heartedly Christine and the Hypno-band. I am really doing good!

Barbara D

Christine, I made it in!

You helped out so much! I really appreciate it. I was able to the the things you told me and was able to make it through. I was able to calm myself and be relaxed and I remember having abundance energy for all my tests. I made it in!

So thanks again and I look forward to talking to you again soon.

Sean C

Thank you so much for my sessions.

I can’t believe how much better I feel. I am truly at peace now. I feel so different. I am so grateful to have finally overcome some of the traumas I faced as a child. I felt you truly cared about my issues and that made such a difference. I highly recommend you to all my friends and family.

This was a life changing experience for me.


I was preparing for a physical agilities test as part of the application process for a Firefighter training position with the Florida State Fire College when Christine offered her assistance through hypnotherapy if I felt it would be beneficial.  I felt that I had been adequately training for the physical expectations I was to meet, and I also felt there was more to it that was keeping me from attaining my goals.

I came to realize I had not been preparing for the mental and emotional stress associated with feeling great hope, anxiety, and anticipation.  I had a great desire to become a well trained firefighter and begin my career.  My experience with Christine helped me to streamline my thoughts, feelings and emotions, and focus my energy.

In meeting with Christine, our session began with a thorough interview of what I hoped to get from our meeting, and what she hoped to offer.  After meeting with Christine, I felt a great sense of confidence in Christine’s abilities and expertise.  I felt both a professional and personal connection with her.

As our session transitioned into the application of Hypnotherapy, I felt I was being consciously assisted into a meditation-like state, where I could open up and prepare for the manifestation of my full potential.  At no point in our session did I feel unconscious or out of control.  I was assisted into a deep relaxed state, and Christine was my guide.  I felt a subtle, systematic development take place in my being during our session.  As Christine guided me out of the deeply relaxed state, I felt more prepared for the activities that lie ahead.

When it came time to perform the agilities test again, I felt well prepared with more control of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and I was able to consciously conserve my physical energy.  As I began the test, my performance enhanced both inward and outward, I felt more energized with abundant energy, and I was able to complete the required tasks with confidence and ease.

I have since completed my initial training and gained a position as a full-time Firefighter.  I have great pride in serving the public as a Firefighter, and I maintain high standards of training and performance in my position.

Christine developed a valuable tool within me that allowed me to perform better in myself, and consequently, in my actions and my job.  Her commitment met with my open enthusiasm and has continued to allow me to effectively accomplish my intentions.

Thank you Christine

Sean Canady (Firefighter/Paramedic)

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