What are Intuitive Readings and what can they tell me?

If you have ever thought about things ‘out of this world’ or had in interest in topics away from the mainstream, you may have extra sensory perception or as commonly called, “ESP.’ You could be religious, spiritual or just highly aware that there is more to life then the physical world.   

Perhaps you enjoy sitting quietly in nature, in church or in your own home letting all the cares and concerns of the day drift away. Then you experience a peaceful calm drift over you. At times like this it is know that you become aware of your “Higher Self”, or elevated consciousness. That part of you is at your core being, is intelligent and knows you.  As you become familiar with connecting to this deeper resource your intuitive abilities can increase and knowledge hidden to many becomes available to you.  

For some of us the sitting and discovering and even training became a goal to pursue. Digging into the mysteries of life holds a fascination for me as for many others.   

My journey to pursue learning about the hidden aspects of life started with my first visit to a bookshop in my hometown to take an astrology class.   

After discovering that there was so much more to this course of study than humorous columns in the newspapers, it affected me personally.     

I saw the blueprint of my life; it’s strengths and challenges plus the way forward were all expressed omy astrological chart.    

Further studies over thirty years with metaphysics, meditation, yoga and energy work including becoming a Reiki practitioner added to my knowledge base.   

All along I was learning more about the human condition and especially about my own life.  

When I first realized that hypnosis was exploring the subconscious, it was an enlightened moment foe. As with all my previous trainings there were still many questions and concerns I felt about my own life and how to navigate through the next third of my life. After many sessions of hypnotherapy I began to understand the process was not so much obtaining knowledge, but of letting go of layers of concepts and structures superimposed on my core being. Experiencing my life free from blocks and restrictions opened up a greater joy and happiness I continue to experience from that time.  

A secondary effect of my own transformation was becoming more  aware and acquainted with my owneam of spirit guides and the Angelic realm with its influences. Learning to communicate more openly and experiencing the signs, symbols, and signals this wonderful support gives me has built up trust. It’s not that I don’t think for myself or make my own decisions. It’s more that there are benign forces that can give direction and support when I need it-helping me to see things more clearly to make good positive decisions.

  Working with my own intuitive energies couples with the spiritual influences has opened up new areas of study that I thoroughly enjoy and especially like to share. So my readings include using Tarot cards and other visual tools. Messages arise that are very accurate, so I am told!

 My ‘ESP’ especially claircognizance,  broadens the message and helps provide more information. My readings provide a level of depth as I combine many types of information to give you the best view of your issue and questions you may need answers to.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































As a Certified Crystal Reader I am best able to help you find answers, solutions, insights and helpful advice for better direction or guidance. Some of the questions you can ask are in these areas as helpful suggestions:
































































































































































































































































  • Business Success

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Love and Relationships

  • Creativity and Balance

  • Wellness

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Career Advice

  • and so many more!
































































































































































































































































If you would like to schedule an intuitive reading, please choose your primary question and three aspects of it that concern you. Then go to the Contact Form with your information. After sending it you can purchase your reading from the Fees page under Intuitive Readings.
































































































































































































































































Your reading will be returned as a PDF file with the option to schedule a live session on Skype to explain the messages I received. If you would like a live reading be sure to include your phone number on the contact form!
































































































































































































































































What’s the most pressing issue in your life right now? Just ask! The Angels are willing to send their messages and I am waiting to receive!






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































All the best to you!
































































































































































































































































To Your Purposed Life,