Expect to see more celebrity endorsements for the e-cigarette market.

TV and print ads were initiated last month by one of the biggest tobacco producers.  R.  J. Reynolds is pushing its brand VUSE but safety concerns still exist.

Whether the vaporized nicotine has potential cancer causing elements has to be determined by the FDA.  One big question about the quality of the tobacco used to extract the nicotine remains.  Since almost all the e-cigarettes are imported from China, there is little quality control.

if you think about it, with the scandals from China of tainted pet food, baby food, aspirin, and other products, do you want to be inhaling a possible contaminant?

Dear readers, you may want an alternative and easy way out of your addiction to smoking.  I have read that some are having success by switching to e-cigarettes and have stopped smoking traditional cigarettes.

After years of smoking and all the damage to your lungs and health, do you really want to trade for a new addiction?  You may feel a false sense of security for this switch.  You may think it’s hard to quit.  Realize you have been brainwashed into thinking its hard.  This has been done deliberately to weaken your resolve to stop.

Through the power of your own mind you can learn new behaviors and ways of thinking about what is possible for yourself.  Wouldn’t it be better to rid yourself of the prison of this behavior?  To free yourself of the economic drain on your resources?  And to regain a feeling of freedom from addiction?

The new e-cigarette campaign has nothing to do with being interested in you.  Under a new marketing model you will still be a prisoner of the tobacco industry.  Isn’t it time to let it go and let them go as a tired industry for a by gone era?