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Thanks for requesting your free report Light Your Fire-Using Motivation to Fuel Your Future. You can download your free report at the link below but before you do I wanted to let you know about my 6 series audio program, a companion to the free report. You can learn about it after the link!

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And now introducing my new Audio Training Series:

Lighting Your Fire: Finding Your Inner Motivation to Set
and Achieve Important Goals 

Jeremiah wanted to be a mountain man.  

He had all the right equipment and he had his pack horse loaded down with supplies.  He read all the books he could find on surviving in the wilderness, kept a journal of reference notes, and felt prepared as he set out for his thrilling adventure ahead.  The only problem was, he was now stuck on the side of a hill in the middle of the worst blizzard he had ever seen.

He would be fine if he could just get that fire going. Piling the tinder perfectly under the shelter of a tree, he cupped his shaking hands around the fragile flame of his last match. Moving slowly, he touched the burning match to the pile of kindling he carefully constructed from the few dry twigs he could find.

“Ah!” he said, as the small tendrils of fire licked upward, smoke curling into his eyes.  He could almost feel the warmth as the flames began to spread.  This would be a good size fire, and he and his horse would be able to stay comfortable through the cold, wintry night.

Suddenly, WHOOMP!  Just as his small fire was starting to grow, a clump of snow fell off the lowest tree branch, completely extinguishing the small blaze.  As the fire withered and died, so did his spirit.  It was going to be a long cold, frozen night.

Trying to find your motivation can be just like Jeremiah’s experience.  It seems that just when you get your “get up and go” up and going, something drops from the sky and puts out your fire.  

You know there is so much more you could accomplish, if only you could find the motivation, overcome your obstacles and keep going.  But how? 

Of course the answers aren’t always simple, and there is no magic fix to create and maintain motivation. But with a few proven strategies, the right help, and a little effort, everyone can discover how to build that fire and make sure it never goes out again.

And now those tips and tactics are readily available for YOU, in a clear, concise and easy-to-follow format. 

Now Introducing: 

Lighting Your Fire: Finding Your Inner Motivation to Set
and Achieve Important Goals

Lighting Your Fire: Finding Your Inner Motivation to Set and Achieve Important Goals is a 6-part Audio Training Series designed to help you to live a richer, more fulfilling life of inspiration, alive with the motivation to accomplish your wildest dreams…or your essential daily goals.

Everyone can use some of that, right?

These carefully crafted audio sessions are only 5-7 minutes long, so you can listen to them anytime you need, and easily incorporate each lesson into your daily routine. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to redirect your day and add more meaning to your life, fast.

When you learn how to create and maintain your motivation, each day gets a little easier, and your endeavors become richer and more fulfilling.

As soon as you start listening to these short audio programs, you’ll begin to feel the flames of inspiration and excitement. You’ll remember your forgotten dreams as your goals become clearer and more achievable.

These methods, when used properly, benefit every area of your life.  You will be well on the way to a new, more powerful and inspirational you. 

During this easy to follow, insightful audio series, you’ll discover: 

  • How to quickly motivate yourself any time, in any situation
  • Simple ways to regain your steam when you’re tired and ready to quit
  • How to rediscover your bigger picture and keep your dreams alive
  • Common motivational pitfalls…and how to avoid them
  • An almost magical way to call in your expansive support system
  • The guaranteed motivation booster that nobody talks about
  • And a whole lot more…

Lighting Your Fire: Finding Your Inner Motivation to Set and Achieve Important Goals is designed with your success and achievement in mind. Listening to these audio downloads and applying the lessons they hold will improve your outlook, make you feel powerful and in control, and set you firmly on the road to astounding success.

It’s like having a motivational coach in your back pocket, whenever you need it.

Here, take a look at your syllabus…

Audio #1Where is My Spark?
Audio #2Keeping the Fire Going
Audio #3The Merlin Principle
Audio #4You’re Surrounded
Audio #5Finding Your Muse
Audio #6Motivation is Contagious

If you can operate a computer and write your name, you can master these lessons. Just listen to your downloads every day when they’re delivered to your inbox, do the exercises, and become inspired to greater heights in your life. After a week of listening you’ll be ready for the next audio.

Each audio even comes with a transcript so that you can follow along, make notes, and share this system with your friends. 

Oh, and another thing…This ENTIRE 6-part Audio Training is a very affordable  $17 rich in value to make the changes you need in your life.

So NOW, the only thing to do is click the link below and let us know where to send your productivity training modules. You’ll receive a confirmation email, and then the audio trainings will follow. 

A treasure-trove of life-changing information is yours for the taking.

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As I’m sure you know, not knowing where to find motivation can frustrate you to the point of giving up. Much like Jeremiah the mountain man, your heart sinks when your fire dies. 

When you know how to light it and keep it going, your motivational fire becomes a valuable resource that can be tapped into again and again to effectively change your life for the better. 

Start practicing today.

Sign up for your Lighting Your Fire Audio Training Series now and start fresh. Your life of achievement, success and satisfaction is waiting…and you deserve it. 

To Your Success!

Christine Green CHt MHC

“Creative Solutions for an Inspired Life”

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