(This is an updated post with new pricing information. It is one of my most valued programs because you get bonus coaching each week and four specialized audios related to issues around Menopause. Be sure to consider this program if you are over 50.)

Women’s issues are front and center in the news these days. Women juggle home, work, family, relationships and many other concerns such as finance and health issues. On top of that women face a time of their life called Menopause. Some women breeze through that time and scarcely even feel the effects. This report is for the rest of you! Hot flashes, feelings of negative self-worth, doubts about the future, worries about health. All these concerns seem to get jumbled up at the same time as women go through the change.

The good news is that you can get a better handle on this significant time period in your life. Through 4 sessions you will discover more about your potential to overcome limitations and how to access that unlimited power within.

  • Reducing the heat of hot flashes
  • Conquering feelings of overwhelm
  • Managing time to allow more self-care
  • Eating healthy and wisely

You can learn to manage and enjoy your change and into the Post-Menopausal years!

How we feel about ourselves, the care we give ourselves, and the respect we require from others all converge at this critical time in our life. This period of transition is often fraught with discomfort and even outright misery.

Through weekly coaching sessions you can change your perception from the limitations you are feeling with Menopause towards a more empowered confidence managing every aspect of your experience with more comfort and ease. Through these weekly sessions you will receive new ways of coping with these symptoms and the coaching that will help keep you on track and provide inspiration.

Along with your weekly call is a powerful hypnosis recording that contains significant benefits to curtail the anxiousness that comes from menopause, with more sound sleep, and mind/body connections that make it entirely possible to lessen the discomfort of Menopause.

Each week you will learn more about your own potential to view yourself in a more favorable light. Discovering hidden aspects of yourself will enable you to transform your beliefs into a powerful force for overcoming the challenges the change of life presents.

If you are beginning Menopause, in the middle of Menopause or don’t know where you are with Menopause, you will gain new insights, tools to help with stress, and a transforming identity that feels like a new life. Using the power of your mind, you will unlock the resources within your subconscious. Understanding better with more clarity the resources you have within your own being can be very enlightening. These new realizations will empower you to deal more constructively with the effects of Menopause and consequently with other aspects of your life!

While all health matters are best taken care of from qualified physicians, when it comes to your own mental state, your habits and behaviors, you are ultimately in charge and in control of  how you think, feel, and deal with this important time in your life. With this service  you will be setting the intention for new ways to think about yourself and how to deal with this very challenging time in every women’s life.

if you are ready to learn how to transform the symptoms of menopause into a positive experience of your mind, body, and spirit you can get started right away.

  • How Self-Esteen and Confidence can Improve Quality of Life
  • Lessening of hot flash symptoms-learn how to control their effects
  • More sound sleep-obtain more peaceful comfort within
  • Better control with stress-handle your daily affairs with confidence and strength
  • This program is priced affordably at $390 comparative to my other programs but packed with value to help you overcome limitations associated with Menopause.
  • Choose the Stress program and specify you want the coaching program for women

You make all the difference in your body by how you view yourself. By gaining more clarity, control and ease the mind/body/spirit can work together much more effectively. Discover how you can overcome the challenges Menopause presents and lead a more enriched happier life!

To get started use the contact form to schedule your initial free phone intake to learn more how life coaching can help. You will be given a calendar to choose the best time for your interview. Then you will receive more info about enrollment and how the program works.

Your participations in this program for four sessions has the power to transform your life! For more information use the contact form to schedule your time to learn more!