Akashic Readings


There’s a story about your life you may not remember. It started a long time ago. Before you were born. It’s a true story and one that you have been getting flashes of and wondering about. It’s the most important chapter of your life but it’s been hidden from your access.

A Soul Profile and Realign are the missing keys to understanding your life’s true purpose. You might already feel in sync with your talents and aspirations in this life. However you may also sometimes feel like something is holding you back from accessing all the joy that is available right now.

This unique reading accesses your life experiences and events as recorded in a non-linear space called The Akashic. The Akashic Records as they are called hold your history from the origin of your soul’s first entry into existence up to the present time. Sound fantastical? An Akashic Reading is a transformative experience destined to change how you view yourself and your life’s purpose.

Your reading which is delivered with a Skype or phone call lasts approximately 1 hour for a complete reading of either your Soul Profile or Soul Realign or a combination of both.  Some of the things you will learn about your soul history include:

*Your Soul Group of Origination
*Your Divine Gifts
*Your Divine Purpose
*Characteristics of your Soul
*Blocks and Restrictions inhibiting your Soul’s Expression
*The Energetic Statement of Your Soul
*Clearing for your Soul’s freer Expression
*Optional Homework for Conscious Realignment to your Soul’s true Purpose
*And many more

Before your reading you will be sent an information and agreement for you to send back to start the reading process. Then within 2 to 5 days  a meeting scheduled to present the information.

The cost of your Soul Profile Reading session is $120. If you wish a Soul Profile and Realign reading combination the cost is $190. A Soul Profile Reading is a prerequisite for the Realignment Reading. Payment may be scheduled with PayPal.

If you are wondering if this is for you, if you ever thought about this question, then an Akashic Reading is for you! 

What is my life’s purpose? After an Akashic Soul and Realign Reading you may want to go deeper into situations you may be facing in your life that are troubling. A more investigative reading delving into specific challenges you find yourself in will be helpful.

  Akashic for Life Situations

There are ways the soul wishes to experience itself In the present life. You are always creating the situations with either positive or negative energies. Becoming more aware of the energies you ‘theme’ yourself, such as fear, anger, disappointment, bitterness, judgment, hopeless, poor and so many more, will help you move to a more positive experience by choice. Positive energies are usually more fun! This way of dealing with life situations will be framed through your energetic body and expressed through the chakras.

Blocks, beliefs, illusions, and other constructs are cleared to allow you to grapple present situations with more clarity and vital energy for the outcome you desire. Your Life Situation Reading with help you to live your Divine Purpose in the truthful expression you were designed to experience.

An Akashic reading for Life Situations is only available after your initial Soul Profile and Realign sessions.

Akashic for Financial Wisdom

Do you feel like you never have enough? Do you earn a lot of money but then watch it disappear too quickly? Are you unsure if the products you sell are the right products to earn you the money you seek? Are you working really hard and feeling is it all worth it?

Just like our own energy, money too flows in and out of our life and bank accounts. Sometimes it flows in fast but leaves all to quickly as well! Othertimes it seems like forever till we have what we need. Gathering money is what we all do and is necessary for the things we need in our life. The choices we make determine whether we are good at gathering that cash or not.

This detailed reading will look at your blueprint for obtaining wealth; how your particular soul operates in this 3-D world and what are your misaligns as well as your strengths. An analysis of your business practices including the best products for you to be selling, how your support team supports you or not, best marketing strategies to take and so much more will be revealed!

If you want to get a better handle on your wealth, where its coming from and where its going, from your soul’s perspective based on your choices, then this reading is a must!

Further readings available for Life Lessons, Complete Chakra Analysis and Spirit Guide Discovery!

Akashic Readings open up wonderful new insights and knowledge of your basic nature from the point of view of your spirit and all it has created through living countless lives.

As a Certified Soul Realignment practitioner the reading I present to you is sure to delight, surprise, challenge and change you.

Are you ready to move forward with more freedom to a more inspired life?

Whatever challenges your life now presents, knowing more about your own Divine gifts and purpose will give you the missing clues to proceed with more of your vital force energy!

Want to become a Certified Soul Realignment practitioner? Visit this webinar to learn what it’s all about. The free webinar is given by the creator of this modality Andrrea Hess. Many of your questions will be answered with her spirited talk!