Weight Loss

Are you tired of being overweight?  

Would you like to look great and feel great?

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It is definitely possible to lose weight permanently with hypnosis.  You can lose the weight and keep it off.  In the therapy session we explore the emotional reasons for weight gain and behaviors that reinforce the extra weight.

How much can I expect to lose?

With the weight loss program a normal weight loss of 1 to 3 pounds a week is safe and natural.  Over time as your behaviors change and emotional issues are resolved, your weight loss goals can be achieved.

I have tried many programs and diets.  I always put the weight back on.  How is this any different?

One of the important benefits of the hypnotic session is the profound state of relaxation that is achieved.  Research states the positive connection between the mind and body for healing and staying healthy.  Negative states of mind and disfunctional ways of communicating not only hurt our psyche but also create physiological conditions that over time lead to illness, disease, weight problems.  Learning how to access the calm relaxed state on a daily basis leads to greater harmony in the body for all its functions to operate optimally.  A more positive state of mind assists you in reaching your goals and understanding how to get there.

How do I know this is the right program for me?

My own challenges with weight gain occurred mid-life. Bodily changes slowly added weight over the period of several years. Always energetic I hadn’t paid attention to myself slowing down as I added the weight. With a wonderful hypnotherapist I experienced a three month decline in weight averaging 30 pounds total. It was so natural as each month I noticed my clothes getting looser and looser. And as I was an aware eater, not into junk food, my problem was with amount and eating too fast. Now I cannot eat fast and have kept my portions just right for my needs. Although I may fluctuate a few pounds here and there for the most part my weight has stayed off for 8 years now. What I appreciated the most is regaining my energy.  Carrying around those thirty pound sure slowed me down. It was such a boon to get my energy back. I am forever grateful for this experience and am passionate about helping you gain better health too! 

If your weight is making you unhappy, feeling tired, unable to accomplish your goals, stressing you out, don’t delay.  Give hypnosis and the therapeutic setting the chance to work its magic in your life!

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