When challenges strike you down and the world starts spinning around you, that ray of help and hope  appears dim.

You long for that cool refreshing dip into an ocean of peace and calm, to forget your troubles.

Sometimes you might fail to see the treasures all around you, gifts from the Creator.

Or appreciate and acknowledge the help and support that can give comfort and reassurance.

When you’re faced with troubles it’s hard to keep focused as emotions and thoughts disrupt your daily activities.

Finding time for travel and fun can rejuvenate and lend fresh new perspectives. I know it does for me.

When you get to the point that you can see tomorrow, you’re moving through the dark into more light.

A brighter day awaits you with new possibilities and paths to explore.

You start feeling more like yourself again, able to receive love and give to others. You are becoming more comfortable with your changed life.

It’s amazing how a little bit of light can brighten such a big space, bringing forth hope and positivity.

Suddenly the world around you is awash in color, nature is glorious and you feel fantastic.

You have made it through the chaos, you are in the clear now, life is good, all is well, you are moving on!