It’s an ongoing saga.  For the smokers who continue and those who ask the question. Most smokers don’t need to be told the risk factors of smoking.  They can spell them backwards and forwards.

So why continue?  The answer may lie in risk taking behavior smokers exhibit more so than non-smokers.

Eyal Ert and Eldad Yechiam from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have posted a study in PLos One citing a very strong personality trait.  Being unable to delay satisfaction as it affects long term effects like longevity is the contributing factor. Another way to say this is taking risks due to lack of self-control.

Final studies postulated that it is not the risk behavior in itself but the desiring of present activities seen as favorable versus life threatening effects in the future.

Business owners are asked to consider extending the no-smoking zone further away from outside the smoker’s work.  This will perhaps create a delay in smoking behavior that may work as a deterrent to immediate gratification.

For those who understand the types of risks they take including smoking and want help, hypnotherapy is a great tool to sharpen the understandings of avoiding risky behavior now.